Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Whoessaaaaaaah (c) by bad boys II..
pre: sorry for some bad english here and there; when i'm frustrated.. i'm not paying much attention...

I've whoessahhd many times today; so many.. I thought: must blog this..
First things first; what I was trying to do;

Nice tool from microsoft, as a client for a dbase connection;
Make some sql dbase fields; plug them into your infopath form and build
yourself a dbase driven (web) form ! (And publish it on sharepoint)

First hmm: hmmm all users seem to have the power of InfoPath to view the form..
That's a bummer.. I DO NOT want to install infopath (by hand) on 1500 pc's..
'No ! It is possible to view infopath forms without infopath !' The MS-Entausiastic screems; ok.. how..

hmm2: Trying to find professional information about an professional product; (InfoPath).. is it possible ?
almost every search query seems to turn up as a ms-stupid-need-noinfo-nobrain 'look i'm using a computer' website;
With movies on how to fill in a form, links that call otherlinks that call the original links; ok .. I'm going nuts..

Afther hours of clicking the quest is: Microsoft Forms Server 2007
(Where do you get it ? knobody knows; how do you install it ? knowbody knows; pff thank god for the msdn download library
(forgive god for the msdn-login bug that seems to show the default msdn page sometimes after logging in, and not the download
page you are looking for).
Downloaded it; was looking at the description; hmm3 must be installed at the sharepoint server; ok; Mounted the iso to the
vm-ware machine (Thank god for vm-ware); Hmm4 auto-executes a CMD.EXE; to determine if the vm-machine has a x64 processor..
(if it asked me, I would answer.. but that's to easy I think..)
Running setup; all services are going down during install (what else is new) after running step 1 - 10 (who cares .. ) and 30
minutes... FINISHED !
Hehehe nice! Yeeeehhaaaaa (to early ofcourse); The services are started again (yeah; that's a new one) ok; let's publish
some forms for those users with only IE / Safari :P

Hmm5: the following error occures when trying to publish the infopath document to the document library:
"Dit formuliersjabloon is browsercompatible, maar kan niet voor browsers worden ingeschakeld op de geselecteerde site."
(i'm using the dutch version but it comes down to: yes! you've created an browser-compatible infopath document but to bad..
the server-site is not configured to run this kind of document...)
(With the checkbox you NEED to check grayed out nicely... so at least you know it's there.. but it's out of reach.. yeah... )

Ok..Going trough the help = commercial bullshit site = links to links to links = NO GOOOD
NO INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO CONFIGURE THE Forms Server into the sharepoint environment; (Even if the link title is:
'How to configure forms server 2007 into your sharepoint environment); it's unbelivble.. I know..

The solution:
Ok; all the sites that are beginning with are EVIL!!!!!!!! (read NO GOOD)
Alternatively: technet; found this page:
This will now be reffered to as: "The holy page" ...
This page is titled: "Deploy form templates (Office Forms Server)" (also forget to search in your locale; (dutch) that is
really no good);
Scrolling.. scrolling... :
"Configure InfoPath Forms Services for a site collection"
Bingo !
(to early)

Activate the Content Management, Search, and Business Information feature for a site collection
The Content Management, Search and Business Information feature now shows a status of Active.
1. In a Web browser, open the SharePoint site for which you want to enable InfoPath Forms Services.
2. Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.
3. In Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features. If you do not see the Site Collection Administration
section, you do not have permissions to perform this task.
4. On the Site Collection Features page, find the Content Management, Search and Business Information feature, and then
click the Activate button.

WTF ??????? "Search and Business Information feature" ????????
What the hell does that has ANYTHING to do with Forms... ???
But thank god; this feature does not exist on the page; there is however a feature called:
InfoPath Forms Services support
InfoPath Forms Services lists and related pages to enable server side rendering of Forms.

And there it is... the holy button... a button called "ACTIVATE"
God../ Bill / I must ask ... WHY ????? IS THERE A button called "ACTIVATE" and WHY does the 'wizard' after 10 steps NOT
include 'pressing' this button ??????

to be continued

Hmm the 'to be continued' is faster than I thought..
"Although the form template is uploaded, it is not yet available to users. It must be activated by the administrator of the
site collection to which the form template will be activated. This can also be performed by a farm administrator who also has
administration privileges to the site collection. For more information about activating form templates, see "Activating
administrator-approved form templates" on this page."

close.. but no sigar..
to be continued

Monday, February 19, 2007

FantaSea review: Part1: The Light

Hi !
I'm back again and going to post a review of my recently bought FantaSea underwater set for my Nikon D70 camera;

I'm writing this review because I think the FantaSea products are great and finally affordable; The total underwater solution for my D70 was approx $1300,- and not $3500 or more, like other products.
Also I would like to thank FantaSea for beeing patient with me and for answering al my questions ! So as a thank you; here a review :)

First part on is the FantaSea 44 LED light wich I intend to use primary for night diving & focus light; Here above, the packuage in wich the LED 44 Light has been deliverd to me.

Dimensions & build

The light is built form a very strong plastic; With it's dimensions of 200 x 68 mm it's a very small and handy light; It contain's 5x AA 'penlite' batteries and gives a lot of light! (See later on for the light spot). The light also contains a hand lanyard for securing to the wrist when serving as a night light. The light includes a mounting ring and stainless steel wing nut which allows for easy attachment to the lens port bracket for the FD-70 ports system.

The light head is firmly secured to the body using a fine screw-thread and o-ring. By appling a counter-clockwise twist the head comes off and shows the batteries.

An easy batterie-schema is provided so no worries about inserting them the wrong way. Also a nice red-mark and nudge are created in the body; nothing should go wrong here ;)

The light head is surrounded by a metal foil, wich in turn is protected by a plastic fitting. You can see the red nudge in the bottom wich you should align with the light-body.
The 44 LED lights deliver a huge amount of light; to much to look into.
This version also has a 'Emergency Strobe' funcion wich could be usefull to attract your buddy's attention :P
A bright LED light is blown out of the 44 LED's; I'm impressed with it and looking forward how it will perform underwater... :)

The spot on the ceiling; Projected in daylight;