Monday, February 19, 2007

FantaSea review: Part1: The Light

Hi !
I'm back again and going to post a review of my recently bought FantaSea underwater set for my Nikon D70 camera;

I'm writing this review because I think the FantaSea products are great and finally affordable; The total underwater solution for my D70 was approx $1300,- and not $3500 or more, like other products.
Also I would like to thank FantaSea for beeing patient with me and for answering al my questions ! So as a thank you; here a review :)

First part on is the FantaSea 44 LED light wich I intend to use primary for night diving & focus light; Here above, the packuage in wich the LED 44 Light has been deliverd to me.

Dimensions & build

The light is built form a very strong plastic; With it's dimensions of 200 x 68 mm it's a very small and handy light; It contain's 5x AA 'penlite' batteries and gives a lot of light! (See later on for the light spot). The light also contains a hand lanyard for securing to the wrist when serving as a night light. The light includes a mounting ring and stainless steel wing nut which allows for easy attachment to the lens port bracket for the FD-70 ports system.

The light head is firmly secured to the body using a fine screw-thread and o-ring. By appling a counter-clockwise twist the head comes off and shows the batteries.

An easy batterie-schema is provided so no worries about inserting them the wrong way. Also a nice red-mark and nudge are created in the body; nothing should go wrong here ;)

The light head is surrounded by a metal foil, wich in turn is protected by a plastic fitting. You can see the red nudge in the bottom wich you should align with the light-body.
The 44 LED lights deliver a huge amount of light; to much to look into.
This version also has a 'Emergency Strobe' funcion wich could be usefull to attract your buddy's attention :P
A bright LED light is blown out of the 44 LED's; I'm impressed with it and looking forward how it will perform underwater... :)

The spot on the ceiling; Projected in daylight;