Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SP2010 Datasheet view not working (but different)

Ok, running into a bit of trouble here..
We 'discovered' we actually need a publication date piece of metadata. No worries, updating the Content type hub with the additional metadata, re-publish the content type, activate some timer jobs, wait for it... yeah ! It's been pushed down to all site collections and subscribing farms :)


Now we just need to populate a few thousand documents with the publication date.
Ok, .. let's create a view that filters all files, removes all folder structure (annoying folders anyway!) and filter with [year] in the document name.

Alright ! Let's use the free batch-editor I got from somewhere, check all files out (100 at the time), put in the date, check them all in and ... wait for it ... damn.. not working !
Probably a bug in the batch-edit tool.

Ok, let's try datasheet view then.. because then, you can just drag the the date down for all items. Datasheet view doesn't work for all kinds of 64 bit reasons. Google is full of potential answers.. but just don't have time to fix this right now / install all kinds of Office stuff / re-install office into 64 bit etc etc etc etc.

So... let's fire-up the win8 machine inside an Oracle Virtual Machine (free).
Connect to the test-library, datasheet view.. works ! yay ! Ok, connect to production library.. doesn't work ! Nay !!!
Wtf is going on ... ???! Same OS, same browser, same farm.. different libraries.. different views .

Googling this problem is a challenge, it's a case of .. you've got a certain problem which results in certain key-words (datasheet view + share point 2010 + failure) but you're actually NOT having the problem 90% of the people with these keywords have....I just hate it when this happens .. but also like it, because it's a challenge :)

So.. after some killing of search results, come across this one: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sharepoint/en-US/59b06220-3016-4c3f-819c-adb0fa16f7f0/issues-with-the-custom-filter-in-datasheet-view

Where dlanders1 shares his finding around the datasheet view and some influence on filtering ! (Thank You!)
So, I adjust the filter in the view, try datasheet again, works :)

If you want to use datasheet view and you get the error: The Standard View of your list is being displayed because your browser does not support running ActiveX controls.
Don't pay to much attention to the ActiveX controls part of this error... You probably just need to make a simpler filter in the view !

Because there is so much irrelevant information out there, I'd thought to create a blog about this.. just add a possible relevant drop to the ocean!