Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Using fun and interactive training to create better SharePoint user adaptation

This morning, I found a interesting link in my daily Yammer overview email:

Kirk Evans: I'm bringing Clippy back.

Create the Best App for Office 2013 in 5 Minutes - Kirk Evans Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Visiting this MSDN blog post, I soon saw the old clippy back on my screen ! This time, inside a browser window, using a JavaScript  Libraries. Instantly my creative mind was going crazy  ...

I'm currently battling to get end-users to work with the beautiful SharePoint 2010 intranet & document management system. I know there are may different reasons why users won't go to the intranet, lack of relevant content; fear for the new; no user training; no clear internal policies of what process (or document) goes where and who to share it with, etc. etc.

But what if..

The relatively inexperienced users (in a "work in a digital way kind of way") would be welcomed to the "new" intranet by a cute little puss in boots, showing them around, give a little animation while they execute their first search query. Giving tips & tricks, latest news (link) updates and maybe guide them trough the intranet's possibilities and procedures.

Since the "agents" are now completely accessible via JavaScript, it must be possible to integrate them into SharePoint (in this case 2010).
Let's do a proof of concept, and see what they users say !

Demo site:

Thanks Kirk, for bringing Clippy back !