Thursday, October 06, 2011

Unable to save (word) file on SharePoint 2010

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Building a POC for a client I ran into this issue on my Virtual Box virtual SharePoint 2010 environment; While saving the word document in a document library I would get:
This file cannot be saved to this location because there is no connection

The solution is to open up good old DOS command prompt and type:

net stop sens

(Temp solution..)
Voilla! It works like a charm :)

More perminent solution is to disable the System Event Notification service

SharePoint Designer 2010 - Sign In As

I was debugging my external list and Keep getting the SSPI error. Which wasn't that strange because the 'default' SharePoint designer user had no rights to the database.
So I needed to change the current SharePoint Designer user..

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

SharePoint designer: The installation of this package failed

Today I was working at a client and he asked me to install SharePoint designer. Sure! I said; thinking this was just an easy task to do.. I was wrong!
I couldn't install his package, I got "The installation of this package failed" as soon as I started the install. After some googling, 80% suggested to re-download the package, so I used my own (proofed working) install file, same thing.

Tried the 64 / 32 bit, all gave the same error.

The solution:
I used my laptop (own system) to extract the install package:
(In DOS prompt:) SharePointDesigner_32.exe /extract:c:\_tmp\spd32\

The files got successfully extracted, putted them on a USB stick, and ran the setup.exe on the client's pc. SharePoint Designer got installed successfully !

There is probably something wrong with the client's Microsoft Installer installation ..