Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Finding metaphors for getting better understanding in your IT projects

Situation:Expansion of running application (discussion of building a new module on it), meeting with you (developer), bunch of other guys (donno what they do really...)

Comments during meeting:
They: Just expand it ! We do not have to think, you just expand, you build it before, this is just the same.

you: it doesn't work this way, things have to be looked up/ defined / designed, then building, than testing then production etc.

They: ok, tell us what you need, what do you need what we have to find out ?
They: why do you have to test ? you build the other modules before right ?
They: how can this module be difficult ? It's the same as the other modules!

You: Lets pretend you are working for a major car builder, lets say opel. You invent, develop and produce cars. We are in a meeting to discuss a new model for opel, something like the 'Opel grand futura'.
This new model is a car, and it IS from Opel. But that's where the comparison stops!
It is NOT the same as the previous, it has a different engine, different suspension etc etc. BUT the WORK-PROCESS CAN be the same; so I need to develop the enging, body works, suspension etc etc (maybe based on previous model-suspension / engine etc) but YOU guys ALSO need to performe some actions like, promoting the car, create a manual, prepare for launch, PR, commercial stuff etc. etc.
Stuff I don't do as a developer.

So DON'T ask me what YOU should do, please learn those lessons yourself!
(and execute them..)