Thursday, November 11, 2010

Microsoft Codename Atlanta (part1)

monitoring your SQL Servers by the specialist and at the specialist!
That sounds really fantastic and like the future ! No more complex and extensive installation and configuration of SCOM 2007 in the organization, SQL Monitoring in the CLOUD !! wow.. that sounds really really good, time to get hands-on :D :D

Step1: Registration easy peasy with windows live ID

Step2: Installation -> certificate: easy
SCOM Agent client bit of a hassle since I tested SCOM environment before, this client can’t upgrade
the previous installed client and exits with an error.
Uninstalled everything with SCOM in it, tried again and success It now installed the agent.

Next up: Install the gateway “A gateway is an internet-connected server on your network”.
Here the fun starts… :

Tried to use the proxy server configuration: no success.. Asked the network admin, he says: you can try to download the Ms Firewall Client for ISA server; installed (reboot of course) and re-tried but
unfortunately this Gateway Settings setup can’t connect to the cloud.

Which makes me wonder how I can connect to the ‘cloud’ behind a firewall…

Finding some more documentation on the Microsoft support pages reveals:
Communication between the Atlanta agent and gateway

In order to enable communication between agents and gateways, the following requirements must
be met. Note that this configuration is enabled by default, so no specific action should be required.

Both the agent and the gateway need to be in trusted domains.

Ensure that the Server service (lanmanserver) is enabled.
Open TCP port 445 for SMB inbound traffic.

Ensure that the Server service (lanmanserver) is enabled.
Ensure that TCP port 445 is open for outbound SMB traffic. This port is open by default.
euh.. not on our firewall ..
(Just posted the request to the network admin …)

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