Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SharePoint 2010 "File already exists" backup error

Yesterday I asked the community to help me with a #wickedProblem regarding the SharePoint production farm backup. Basically it gave me 8 errors, all caused by one main error:

InvalidOperationException: Job "Search Backup and Restore (first phase backup) application b46e25e7-2307-4...restofid..-query-0 server [servername]" failed with error: The file '\\server\share$\spbr0000\b46e25e7-2307-4..sameasabove-query-0\projects\portal_content\indexer\cifiles\00010002.ci' already exists.

I created a blog post for this:

and thanks to Cornelius J. van Dyk I found out that my 'emptying the backup folder' before starting the backup, wasn't really effective because of the default "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives" windows explorer setting.. Yup, changed the setting to actually 'see' all files made me able to 'delete' all files on the share :)

Ran the backup again and this time it finished:

Finished with 0 warnings.
Finished with 0 errors.

Another problem solved :)

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