Thursday, January 30, 2014

#PowerPivot refresh schedule disappears after creating new version of #excel file on #SP2013 #help

The challenge is as follows:
When you create a new version of your PowerPivot excel file and you load it to SharePoint 2013, the Data Refresh Schedule you had configured is now gone.. As soon as there is a new version (or a new file with versions disabled) the schedule is gone and you have to re-create it.
This problem only seems to happen on SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 keeps a reference to the selected schedule after updating the excel document.

The problem visual:
A Power Pivot Excel document with a Schedule enabled:

Schedule is enabled:

Make a new version & save document:

Overwrite existing file:

Check PowerPivot Data Refresh:

Gone ...

No fix yet, will update this post when I find it !
(Suggestions are welcome ..) 

4 Feb Update:
I found the Microsoft KB that describes this issue (Sql Bug 1377755)  in the CU6 update for SQL Server 2012:

I installed the CU8 but so far no luck..the issue is still there!

5 Feb Update:
Posted question on the Microsoft PowerPivot for SharePoint forum

15 April Update:
It seems that "psiodmakFuture-Processing" found the cause of this bug:
We have this problem as well.

I think I found a possible cause. Try the following script:


for a working file it should spew out an escaped XML. It's your schedule that was serialized and cached here probably to speed things up. When you save the document with Excel, this value is trimmed to 255 characters, rendering it broken, so the UI (and the timerjob) thinks that the schedule is missing. This might as well be a bug in Excel.

Now we just need a solution from Microsoft :)

23 April Update:
CU 9 for SQL Sever 2012 SP1 is now downloadable, let's give it a try and see if this resolves the outstanding issue...

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