Saturday, October 19, 2013

O365 Snag, Grouped view in public site: Working On It......(for anonymous users)

I'm helping out a small business by creating an online exposure for them via O365. Just showing the products, with a product-code in a category and an image.
There are about 3000 products so showing them all at once sounds like a bad idea.. Let's just group them on the category, users can open a category and see all product with a little product image (thumbnail) and in the future select them to get a quote for them.
Of course, all of this happens in the "public" = "anonymous" part of the 0365 site.

I'm sorry .. but that's not going to work !
Microsoft support (SRX1219692554ID) suggests you better use an alternative view without the grouping functionality. (That's the final "work around" they gave me after some extensive testing).

As it turns out, the anonymous users don't have sufficient permissions to access this information, resulting in a "working on it" status as soon as these anonymous users hit the + sign before a group. This status won't change.. no matter how long you wait for it; in the background O365 is trying to redirect these users to the login page which in not going to work for these type of users.

Authenticated users see the products in a category:

Anonymous users just see "Working on it..."

The "work around" is of course not helping at-all, there are no other views that have this functionality.. I'm not even daring to think to create a Access APP (view) that can host this functionality for anonymous users...

Big snag !! Maybe some JavaScript + XSLT to the rescue.. I'll post a real work-around as soon as I find one !

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